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  • Antony
    I had a fabulous time! Jill has a very nice personality, good massage skills. And she is a fun and interesting lady. Thanks!
  • Kees
    Ik heb een leuke tijd gehad, Anna en May waren twee mooie dames om te zien. Ze waren open en makkelijk in de communicatie. Het was mijn eerste keer met twee dames en was nerveus maar moet zeggen dat de dames dat makkelijk weg hebben genomen. Om voor het eerst met twee dames te zijn was een leuke ervaring en ook gelijk nog twee mooie, maakte het speciaal! Bedankt voor de hulp die jullie hebben geboden en de dames bedankt voor de gezellige tijd!
  • Steve
    Just to thank you to bring Jackie. Beautiful and smart girl. She made our date with charm and seduction. Great professional indeed.
  • J
    Met Chanel for a dinner date and had a very fun time. From the outset, she met me with a great smile and made me feel like I was with a very good friend. Interesting woman and enjoyable to talk and dine with. After dinner she continued to put me at ease and was very engaged and accommodating. Really high point of my time in the city. Would recommend her and see her again. Very appreciative of her time.
  • Samuel
    Jackie is fantastic, a truly gorgeous girl with an amazing beautiful face and a stunning body. Great kisser, sweet, friendly, sexy, smart. Thank you guys for arranging a great evening.
  • Edwin
    Ik wilde nog even zeggen dat ik een fantastische avond heb gehad met Anna. Zij is supermooi en erg leuk in de omgang. Boven alle verwachtingen! Dank aan jullie en Anna voor deze onvergetelijke avond. Ik hoop snel weer een afspraak met haar te kunnen maken.
  • Bob
    Please tell Sienna I had an amazing time. She is very mature for her age and is very beautiful. Another great recommendation by you. Thanks and I will contact you the nest time I am in Amsterdam.
  • John
    Saga is an amazing woman. Such an intelligent face with this absolutely alluring ability to go from serious to sexy at the drop of a hat. She absolutely melts in your arms and knows that perfect balance between asking for and giving attention. A truly brilliant lady to spend time with, couldn't have dreamed of a more wonderful time. Will certainly be requesting her company next time I am in Amsterdam.
  • Anonymous
    My first duo, but Marielle and Elise made it something to remember. Both great looking ladies, great bodies, sensuous and responsive and great fun. I highly recommend them either seperately or together.
  • SM
    I had an incredible night with Anna this past Sunday! She is drop dead gorgeous and lights up the room as soon as she enters. She is extremely friendly, outgoing and a very easy person to talk to. She is also incredible in bed! Hope to see her again the next time I’m in Amsterdam!
  • Chris
    First let me say, when I chose to make a reservation with Dreams and Desires, it was my first time using an escort service, especially a high class escort. I am a regular traveler to Amsterdam, and having made plenty of trips through the RLD, I was looking for something a bit more that what the window girls provide. Being more of a casual traveler, I prefer a bruin cafe for beers or a casual cocktail bar for a few drinks, and don't find myself very comfortable in "fancy" places. I may not be into "expensive" places, but that doesn't mean I'm not a gentleman, or don't want a classy lady, and was hoping to be able to spend a little time in a comfortable setting talking over drinks for a little while before we explored the night with each other. I decided I would book a date with the lovely, and curvaceous Miss May, and really wanted our evening to start out more like a blind date at a cocktail bar near my hotel. I described what I was looking for in my request to Taya and Chris, and chose Tales & Ales (and would recommend the them to anyone wanting a great atmosphere for a place to meet near city center!) as where May and I would meet. I made sure to arrive about 15 minutes before our scheduled time so I could pick a table where I could see the door. When May arrived, and I saw the host point her to my table, it was as if the whole room went silent as I watched her walk over. She was even sexier than I imagined from her profile and photos! Her smile and the way she carried herself as she came over to greet me, I knew I had made the right choice! I knew almost right away the time I had originally booked was not going to be enough with this lovely, sensual woman, and within 10 minutes of conversation I extended my reservation to the 4 hour "City Date", and we had a wonderful time laughing over a few cocktails before we decided to take a stroll along the canals. Not more than 10 meters from leaving the bar, May gently pushed me up against a wall, and gave me the most passionate kiss, and then took my hand as we walked along. Taya and Chris weren't kidding when their site said Dreams and Desires ladies provide the ultimate Girlfriend Experiences! We strolled along the canals, and even part of the RLD, on the way to my hotel, and with May on my arm, I KNEW I had made the right decision to book my first escort experience with her and Dreams and Desires! It was so natural and yet exiting that when we returned to my room, and had the most amazing next few hours! I will definitely be contacting Taya and Chris the next time I am heading to Amsterdam, and if I am lucky, maybe May will be available again to make me forget about everything but having an amazing night with a beautiful Dutch woman.
  • Al and his girlfriend
    I am writing to let you know that our evening with Sienna was really perfect. She is a wonderful girl, thank you for recommending her. We would be happy to contact you next time. All the best, Al
  • MarkP
    I just wanted to share that my experience with Julia was awesome. She takes the definition of escort to the highest level. She is a highly erotic beautiful woman with a wonderful positive personality. She has a great taste for outfits, she wore a beautiful dress and a stunning lingerie with stockings and high heels. She is a wonderful kisser and it was a great pleasure to be with her. It was awesome. Thank you agency.
  • David
    I had the enormous pleasure of seeing Nikky and May last night. The experience was beyond my dreams but will remain in my dreams forever. They are both perfect.
  • Michael
    I had a New Years Day date with Brooke and requested a lingerie show. I liked the look of Brooke from her profile photos and boy, is she a stunner. She has a lovely personality too. In a few short words, we had an absolutely amazing unforgettable evening together. A true jewel in the D&D agency crown. Michael
  • Chuck
    Nikky is just so beautiful and easy to chat with. I had a wonderful time with her!
  • Rick
    Marielle has a stunning body and a pretty face. She is very happy to pamper. I enjoyed her company a lot.
  • Ron
    Gorgeous blond and sweet girl. I believe we both enjoyed each others company and I will look forward to her company again when I will be in Amsterdam.
  • Alec
    May is beyond description. She is caring and happy. She handles herself perfectly. It was great.
  • S.
    Well what’s there to say than just WOW? She had exactly what I was looking for (body-type) and combined that with a sense of humour which is not often found nowadays. I really enjoyed her company, especially her open-minded way of seeing things and that I had a glimpse at a real person below the usual small-talk. She is definitely very well educated and I loved that we could jump from topic to topic without running out of things to talk/laugh about. I also learned some interesting facts, which I was not aware before. :-) It was a little bit like meditating with all the good and bad things about that. Definitely one of the most intense experiences in a while for me. Nikky is an incredible humorous person combined with an intelligent and smart mind and all that wrapped in a gorgeous body. I loved the long conversations which where more than just the usual small-talk. Would spend time with her without hesitation. Victory shall be mine!
  • Sam
    Marielle is nothing short of the goddess of love. She is full of passion, you wish her kisses don't end. She is just unbelievable! She is absolutely mindblowing and divine.
  • Muskie
    I was doubting which lady to choose, since it was my first time with an escort girl in Amsterdam. On agency's recommendation I went for Jackie. And I was astonished, what a girl, what a great choice! Jackie is a very genuine, sweet, open girl. She is beyond beautiful, she is amazing! Very beautiful face, big blue eyes, soft skin, nice smell, amazing body... I was surprised that I've met such a girl at an escort agency. Thank you for recommending Jackie! I will definitely call you again.
  • Palm reader
    Jackie is even more beautiful than her pictures. It was so much fun meeting gorgeous Jackie. I will definitely see her again. She has a killer body and a cute and sexy smile. You can't have enough of her. Pleasure to meet you.
  • Randy
    Sasha and Marielle are amazing together! They are truly bisexual and give so much fun! Thank you for recommending this hot duo.
  • Arnold
    If you are looking for a real GFE I can truely recommend Jill, I booked her for multiple hours and we did sightseeing, dinner and ... It was all awesome!
  • MC
    I honestly have to say I had a simply wonderful meeting with Sienna. Not only is she really beautiful, she has a lot more. She has expression, natural charisma, she knows what she wants and she is very intelligent, the kind of girl I like most. Thanks for a great time.
  • mr. D.
    Wonderful, perfect 2 evenings with Jill. She was perfect and if I had time I would book her 3 more evenings. She is classy, smart, sweet, sexy, and funny. I hope to see her again. Please thank her for me. I would like to take her to Paris on my next trip. You have a great company. Let me know if she enjoyed our dates!, and wants to do it again! Thank you.
  • Steve
    I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a beautiful, kind and intelligent woman Marielle is. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and I am truly happy that I was able to meet her. Thanks for arranging it and send her my best.
  • Sam
    The duo of Jill and Britney was awesome! They were amazing together. Thanks!
  • Roy
    Fantastic visit from Brooke last night - think i have just about recovered! You certainly seem to attract the "perfect" young ladies.
  • Tim
    Thank you very much for setting up the date with Jill. It was an amazing time and i appreciate all your organization and Jill's time a lot. I will definitely be looking for your services again.
  • Nick
    Jill is a stunningly beautiful lady, fantastic company and out of this world skills in the bedroom. Thank you for a wonderful evening.
  • A couple
    Brooke is a stunning woman with a great body and perfect breasts that both my wife and I were very attracted to. The sex was absolutely amazing and wild for the 3 of us. She definitely knew how to push all of the right buttons in bed.
  • Mike
    Thank you! Sienna is wonderful. Really made a lonely traveler feel welcome in this beautiful city, and I missed her terribly when she left. I appreciate all of your efforts, so thanks again. I mean, bedankt! Tot ziens!
  • Seb
    I have to say that Brooke was awesome!! Great and truly GFE experience. I've been 2 hours with her and I would want to have more! Thank you Brooke for the great time!!
  • Bill
    I had an overnight layover at Schipol in my travel plans and decided to set up a date with the lovely Brooke. Unfortunately, weather delayed my flight 2 hours. The agency was wonderful to deal with adjusting plans and Brooke arrived right on the adjusted time. She was cheerful and engaging from the moment she entered my room. She is beautiful and sexy, with an exotic accent. She has a spectacular body and wonderful talents, both in and out of bed! Ask her to serenade you. She has a beautiful singing voice. It was truly a GFE experience. Brooke, I really hope you enjoyed our time as much as I did!
  • Oz
    Hi, I spent awesome time with Jill. She is a great personality. Thanks
  • Mike and wife
    Hi guys, I wanted to write and let you know about our experience with May. Please let her know that my wife and I had an absolutely amazing time with her. She is an absolute sweetheart and my wife really enjoyed talking to her and being with her. We would be doing it all the time if we could find our way to Amsterdam more often. Please convey to her what an amazing time we had.
  • Sven
    Thank you for that awsome evening, Jill. It was a pleasure to meet you. You are amazing.
  • Felix
    Anna is a gorgeus girl, simply breathtaking. She enters the room with a smile and I´m flashed from the first moment on. She is a real beauty, everything, her hair, her face, her body, simply stunning. As she is so much fun to talk to its really hard to decide what to do first, talking and enjoying her presence or loving this amazing beauty. Loving Anna is a very special, unique experience, she is sooo good, so nice and sooooo beautiful. Nothing more to add .... can´t wait for the next date.
  • Nikky (a couple)
    Please pass on our thanks to May for Saturday evening. She made us feel at ease as it was our first time and didn't truly know what to expect, it was good. It has certainly added an extra layer to our what seemed perfect sex life. So good in fact we are looking at coming back for a little trip to Amsterdam. As we have previously used your services and you delivered we are now customers as we will come back to you. Thanks again.
  • Jay
    Thanks again as my evening with Anna was lovely. Will definitely reach out next time in Holland.
  • Adam
    Ik heb een erg leuke date gehad met Jill! Ze was erg gezellig en geweldige seks! Ik ben blij dat jullie mij Jill hebben geadviseerd.
  • Luc
    Ik heb een super avond met June gehad en hoop dat ze het ook mooi vond. Dank jullie wel voor alles.
  • Mike
    Ik moet zeggen ik ben normaal geen escortburo klant omdat je dan de dames op voorhand niet goed kan zien (logisch vanwege privacy gezicht) of qua doen en laten er een gevoel bij hebt. Toch heb ik nu denk ca. 1 jaar geleden het eens geprobeerd via Dreams and Desires en dat was direct een hele fijne ervaring. Ik koos voor de slanke Anna. Tjechische achtegrond, slank, goed niveau en grote borsten, de dingen die mij aanspreken in een vrouw qua erotiek beleving. Het buro reageerde vlot en professioneel via de email en zo ontmoette ik Anna in mijn hotelkamer in het midden van het land. Met enige spanning wachtte ik het SMS je van het buro af zodra ze het hotel zou binnen stappen. Even later kloppend op de deur, en een zeer knappe frisse blonde verschijning met mooie lach en open houding trad mij tegemoet. Anna dus... sexy en classy gekleed, mooie lange blonde haren, mooie lach en sprekende ogen, en zeer goed Engels communicerend. Ze meldde even het buro dat alles in orde was na de betaling en een korte kennismaking volgde, waarna al vrij snel Anna het iniatief nam door mij te zoenen staand in de suite. En dat deed ze speels, uitdagend en aftastend. Een prettig begin waarbij het ijs direct gebroken was en ik wist dat ik een dame had die er voor wilde gaan (ik heb elders later weleens dames van andere buro's geprobeerd maar die probeerden zoveel tijd mogelijk te vullen met praten, en dat vind ik wat zonde van de tijd en het geld, gaat immers om het totale erotische plaatje, althans voor mij 😉 ). Anna zag dat er een mooie ruime jacuzzi aanwezig was en reageerde verrukt, dat wilde ze meemaken, dus hoe kon ik daar nee tegen zeggen? Ik liet de jacuzzi vol lopen terwijl wij verder elkaar verkenden. Zoenend en al snel wist Anna onder mijn badjas mijn mannelijkheid te vinden, terwijl ik haar heerlijke strakke ronde billen voelde door haar jurkje heen. Ik hielp Anna uit haar jurkje en de fraaie zwarte lingerie met bijbehorende classy jarretels en kouzen stonden haar prachtig. Op mijn verzoek via het buro, prima nagekomen. Oog voor detail dus. We vreeen op het grote bed verder. Ik zal niet teveel in detail treden, maar haar lichaam is heerlijk. Zachte huid, heerlijk fris en schoon. Mooie grote borsten en een knap gezicht. Prachtig lange slanke benen en een kontje om gek van te worden. En vooral haar gezicht en haar energie. Openmindend, onderzoekend, positief ingesteld en sexueel actief. Dat laatste zou ook later blijken want ik moest aan de bak, en het bleek later ook tijdens de interactie dat ik qua energie even moest schakelen om haar bij te kunnen houden. Het intieme gedeelte was heerlijk van GFE tot een ware PSE, en ook zelfs licht kinky. Zoenen was heerlijk en haar oraal verwennen was een genote. Ja Anna wist ik toen al dat ik die vaker zou gaan ontmoeten. Mijn advies is altijd wel, durf aan buro of dame in kwestie aan te geven wat je prettig vindt en natuurlijk haar even op het gemak te stellen, zelf brandschoon en respectvol te zijn, en dan krijg je het vaak dubbel en dwars terug. Anna behoort momenteel nu bij mijn favoriete top 2 van Dreams and Desires.
  • a fan..
    I've had some previous experience with escorts. June blew these way way out of the water. She is fantastic at getting to know you and showing appreciation for you, but it feels completely authentic and not forced. June is incredible looking. The pictures posted here are a little bit on the trashy side and she looks much more stunning and high-class elegant outfits. June was enthusiastic about all the activities we did. June is very sensuous and seductive without being trashy or dirty, although I'm sure she could be. June is funny and happy all the time it seems. We had four hours and I could wish for much more than that. Highly recommended.
  • Chris
    I had a wonderful time with Jill. She is sweet, funny, intelligent, sexy. Thank you Jill, you are a wonderful person.
  • Nick
    Jill is dynamite in bed. And also so easy to talk to. She knows how to treat you and make sure you enjoy your time with her. Very happy with her services.
  • Michael
    I was very satisfied, Marielle is perfect! We had a great conversation, smooth transition to the fun stuff, after that an interesting conversation and then fun stuff again :) Marielle gives a perfect GFE, sensual and hot sex, she is a great kisser and a very interesting person to be with. Marielle gives a very special personal touch, you feel a real connection to her and she is always smiling and happy :) (You will wish that your date was longer!) I would be very happy to meet her again in the future!
  • Johny
    Sell your house! Sell your car! Book this amazing lady as long as possible! Fun, classy and beautiful. I had the best time ever, and will see her soon again I hope :)!  
  • Erik
    Even mijn feedback over Jill: F E N O M E N A A L ! ! ! Echt een super aardige en mooie dame! Bedankt!
  • Mike and friend
    We had a fantastic night with Christine, Naomi and Sienna! What beautiful, fun girls!
  • Joseph
    Hey Taya & Chris, Sienna was just sweet and lovely, had an absolutely fantastic date. Thank you and have a festive holiday season!  
  • Mike
    The combo of Yentle and Elaine was absolutely amazing. To think that I earlier in the week paid for an online escort from another agency and had it be one of the worst sexual experiences of my life left me hesitant to try again. Well, my fears were gone as soon as the beautiful ladies entered the room. They were very natural together and you could tell we all had a ton of chemistry. The experience was one of the best of my life. It was seriously that good! Both of them are absolute sweethearts.
  • Cheng
    Anna was fantastic!! Amazing girl... Thanks so much.
  • David
    Hi Taya and Chris, Just to say thank you for the unforgettable time I had with Sienna - she is really beautiful and erotic, and I had a mind-blowing experience. All best
  • Jason
    Nora was awesome. We had a lot of great conversations and a super wonderful time! ;-) Never been with a woman this tall. Thank you so much for arranging this date!
  • Richard
    A super hot sexy duo with Elaine and Yentle. My fantasies, dreams and desires were fulfilled by these two amazing, gorgeous ladies. They play very well together. I loved every moment of our erotic adventure. I still have a big smile on my face thinking about it. Thank you ladies for an extra special Amsterdam night.
  • Erik
    I had a wonderful evening with June. She's a very warm and open person that puts you at ease the moment she enters the room. We got along quite well and without paying notice we chatted away almost an hour so I had to book a second hour :-) She was wearing beatiful and sexy lingerie which looked very well on her, very soft skin also... She's a very good kisser and everything feels nice and intimate. If i would have had the money I would have definitly booked another hour... I wish this radiant beauty nothing but the best and especially lots of adventure and fun! If I'm in Amsterdam again I would not hesitate to book her again, but also big thanks to the agency for recomending her and setting it up professionaly and discreet.
  • Anonymous
    Het was echt heel erg leuk met Sienna! Boven verwachting! Dank voor deze ervaring en service!
  • San
    It was a real pleasure to meet Sienna. She is an amazing girl every which way. Her pictures don't do justice to her.
    Thanks for your excellent handling of everything including last minute changes.
    With regards,
  • Peter
    I was truly satisfied with June and your agency, a very good service. June is a sweetheart, beautiful, genuine, with a beautiful face, big blue eyes, sweet lips and a gorgeous body. We had a dinner together and she was wearing a very elegant dress. Champagne, kissing, playing, massage, sex... It was all just great. So I enjoyed a lot with my trip to Amsterdam.
  • Kevin
    Sienna is a great young woman. She has incredible looks, a gorgeous face and an amazing slim and sexy body with long legs. She is friendly, sweet and a good laugh. Sienna is a good kisser and provides a great GFE-service. I give her 10 out of 10.
  • Richard
    I had a wonderful time with Seinna this evening. She is a very beautiful girl and our time together was great. I originally scheduled her for 2 hours but before the time was up I ask for a 3rd hour which was absolutely spectacular. I will for sure ask for Seinna my next trip to Amsterdam. I would highly recommend Sienna to anyone. We had great sex but also very good conversations between our sessions. She is a very sweet girl.
  • Anonymous
    Thanx for suggesting me June. I had a great time yesterday. June has a great personality and most likely I'll book her for the next time I am here in Amsterdam.
  • Peter
    Dear Taya and Chris,
    A huge compliment to Elaine and Yentle for giving me an amazing erotic evening last night.
    Until next time,
  • scorpio
    May is very beautiful and hot. She knows how to touch you and provides a true gfe. Time with her was just a dream ...
  • Mark
    Hi. I just want to say thank you. Pass along to Nora that she made me feel like a million bucks. My date with Nora was amazing. She is not only gorgeous, but also a very nice person. I was very pleased with the quality of your service. Regards, Mark.
  • Antony
    just a thank you note for organising my meeting with May last night. I had a fabulous time. She's a gem. I spent a fabulous time and will renew the experience next time I visit your country.
    Send my best regards and thank you to her.
  • Simon
    Jessie is a stunning lady, very elegant, classy and sexy. She is a good talker and makes it easy and comfortable to be with her. Very good GFE, and a very nice sex. I had an amazing evening in Amsterdam with Jessie and look forward to meet her in future.
  • Antoine
    What a perfect lady !! As soon as May entered the room I knew I had to extend our meeting. Beautiful lady, a body to die for, and an expert in all things related to pleasure. It has been a long time since I met a lady with all these qualities. The time we spent was filled with fun and erotism. Hopefully I will be soon in Amsterdam again to meet May..
  • Anonymous
    Dear Taya and Chris, Thanks you for organizing this great evening. Sasha and Elaine are all what you can dream about. Smart, sensual and so gorgeous, complicity between them is absolutely perfect making their duo unbelievable. I will remember this duo night. Please thank them warmly on my behalf. Thank you very much for the quality of your agncy. I will definitely recommend it. Best regards
  • Jeff and my fiancé
    I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic time with May last night. She is gorgeous - a total bombshell! She made my fiancé and me very comfortable and she made it a memorable experience for both of us - something we'll remember forever from our time in Amsterdam! Thanks again!
  • Sam
    Hello! I just wanted to thank you and Anna for an amazing experience on sunday! I had a wonderful time and will definitely contact you again next time i am in Amsterdam.
  • happy as hell
    This beauty named May showed up at my doorway absolutely. Gorgeous. I am not going into details but gentlemen treat her right and you will be rewarded. What was originally supposed to be an hour date, wound up being 3hours, it was non-stop. Thanks May!!!
  • Yan
    Dear Chris & Taya,
    Very nice evening with Anna. I hope that it was the same for her. She is bubbly and fresh. Lot of fun, laught and discussion. She is very young but does her best and succeed.
    Thank you for good advice and also for your good work as ever. I will not hesitate to contact you again if I come back in Amsterdam.
    I wish you all the best.
    Warm regards,
  • dennis
    wow! first of all she is absolutely gorgeous. so you will start feeling happy as soon as she walks in ;) after that it's just a delight to be in her company. she is very easy going and funny. i started off with giving her a nice massage and after that we had some amazing sex with the best blowjob i ever had. in short she is just great and i will definitely see her again! greetz dennis
  • Sven
    May is a real hottie, she left me totally exhausted. If you love sex, I'd advise you May. This girl has a lot of energy and she enjoys it! Thanks for so much fun.
  • Lou
    Hi guys, just to thank you for meeting with Nora. Do not hesitate to transmit to her my best wishes. She's absolutely stunning, smart and the rest. I will definitively come back to you, for Her ! Have a nice evening, Lou
  • Anonymous
    Holy Christ! Anna is so good, so sweet, so nice. So damn good in bed.
  • Mike
    I had a great time with May, she's great to talk to and is very down to earth. She has a figure I couldn't take my eyes off, with curves in all the right places. She's eager to please and open to new things, and I had a great time with her, one I hope to repeat in the future.
  • Joris
    Nog mijn complimenten voor May. Knappe en spontane jonge vrouw, lief maar ook met pit. En met een prima drive tussen de lakens als ik het zo zeggen mag. Hartelijke groet aan haar en dank voor jullie zorgen rond de afspraak!
  • Teun
    Elaine en Kylie - "A dream come true" Het diner met Elaine was geweldig. Het is zo eenvoudig om over van alles met haar te praten. Ze is ook geweldig om mee te flirten en kussen. Ze zag er weer geweldig uit. Enig minpuntje was de tafel die tussen ons in stond :-( Bij terugkomst in het Hotel voegde Kylie zich bij ons. Beide dames zien er met en zonder kleding fatastisch uit. Samen zijn ze Dynamite! Voor ik het wist werd ik door beide dames op een sexuele wervelwind getracteerd. Wat een ervaring!!! Lieve Elaine en Kylie, nogmaals bedankt voor de geweldige avond.
  • Nick
    Hi. I had a date with Nora which was quite remarkable. Nora is a playful and a good looking girl. Had a dinner date with her and after a great time in the hotel room. Very enjoyable. See you next time.
  • Patrick
    What an unbelievable and unforgettable time with May. You should just not miss this! A visit full of charm and style, erotic and wild sex.
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