Girlfriend Experience

Enjoy the ultimate experience of softness, connection, great atmosphere, erotic pleasure and seductiveness as you would expect to have with your beloved girlfriend.

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What does GFE mean?

Probably you have heard about this term, a Girlfriend Experience (GFE), and you are wondering what does it mean. Well, our high class escort agency provides nothing less then the best GFE in Holland.

GFE – it’s an experience when a female companion offers a service more akin to a ‘real’ relationship rather than just quick sex. The companion may go with you to dinner, the movies, theatre, engage in conversation, kissing and so forth, before retiring for sex (as what might occur when dating).

Dating without kissing is not really exciting, and we totally agree with that. That is why we work only with ladies who do French kissing. Of course, you have to be fresh and clean, so that the lady enjoys kissing you.

Our escort ladies do not need to fake some feelings, they are very genuine real girls who also appreciate sex, fun, intimacy, jokes, playing around, conversations, glass of wine, erotic pleasure and joy. If you treat them with respect, then they will be very pleased to provide you a very pleasant GFE.


What is the best GFE?

The best GFE is the girl who treats you in a relaxed, human (not mechanical) manner, and responds. GFE includes kissing, caressing, massaging, oral sex (safe), intimate sex (safe), multiple orgasms. However it does not include unsafe sex, a-levels, making pictures or other extra services.

The escort ladies working at Dreams and Desires, don't want to work in escort every day. They choose to do escort service just occasionally, not more than a couple times a week, or even less. That is why every booking feels for them like a very special encounter, when they are truly excited to have a "blind date" with you and do their best to look very beautiful and elegant for you. Our elite escort companions have daily jobs and studies and do the escort service on a part-time basis. They don't do it to become rich, but more for fun and extra excitement in their lives. Our exclusive escort companions are students, secretaries, lawyers, stewardesses, managers, whom you would be able to meet in your daily life. So they will make sure to make it a very special experience for you and to have an unforgettable experience together.

Dreams & Desires high class escort agency works only with the escort ladies who are genuinely willing to provide an amazing GFE.

Good Times

GFE involves having an emotional and intellectual connection with a girl like you would with a real girlfriend, not just a body for physical sex. GFE is enjoyment of caring high touch intimacy, stroking, massaging, holding and caressing each other. Combination of a GFE intimacy and sensual sexuality is the ultimate joy. GFE definitely means no clock watching.

GFE is like renting a girlfriend for some time instead of a cold, detached “hooker” type pro. Most importantly, a GFE is natural, not mechanical or forced. No matter what kind of play is desired, it should feel like ‘the real thing’.

GFE doesn’t have to result in “falling in love” that many are so afraid of. It is more like standing in love of a unique spirit of a person and seeking to express this Universal love by sensual pleasure giving touch, sensuality and sexuality.

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