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Sex dictionary

The most unique full dictionary of sex terms

A capella: sexual intercourse without a condom. Heavily disapproved by escorts, see Safe Sex.

AC/DC: slang for bisexual. This modern coinage derives from comparing sexual current, alternating between homosexuality and heterosexuality , to the initials for the two types electricity: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

AC/DC Dildo: a dildo with two sized heads, a large head on one side and a smaller head on the other.

Adult: an individual who is considered an adult, particularly by law.

Adult Toy: a device (like a vibrator or dildo) that is designed to increase sexual pleasure.

Adult Toy Cleaner: a special cleaning solution, usually with antibacterial properties, that is used to clean sex toys.

Afterglow: a good feeling experienced after sex, especially the feeling of a woman after an orgasm.

A-levels: slang for anal sex. Also called “Greek”.

All-inclusive: all services are included under one flat fee, no hidden charges.

A2M: an abbreviation for ass-to-mouth, a non-interrupted act in which an object (a penis, a finger or a dildo) is removed from the rectum of one performer and placed into the mouth of that same or another performer. Synonym Southern love. Heavily disapproved by escorts, see Safe Sex.

Amateur: a non professional, part-time sex worker, or a civilian.

Amazon: a type of woman with a muscular body shape.

AMP: Asian Massage Parlor offering massages and sometimes sex.

Anal Balls: a set of balls, usually connected by a string, which create sexual pleasure when inserted into the anus and then removed.

Anal Beads: a string of balls which are designed to be inserted into the anus and pulled out for sexual stimulation. Some anal beads contain a small vibrator or vibrating egg.

Anal Dildo: a dildo that is designed to be inserted anally. Most anal dildos are flared at the base for safety, unlike regular dildos.

Anal Sex: a sexual intercourse involving insertion of the penis or another object into the anus.

Anilingus: kissing or penetrating the anus with the tongue. The formal term for rimming, licking someone’s anus. Some escorts will allow you to do this to them, but far fewer will do it to you, see also Safe Sex.

AR: an abbreviation for Anal Rimming (oral stimulation of anus). Some escorts will allow you to do this to them, but far fewer will do it to you, see Safe Sex.

Around the world (or Australian sex): kissing a licking entire body of the partner prior to anilingus or fellatio.

Asian: anilingus, erotic stimulation achieved by contact between mouth and anus, see also Safe Sex.

A-Spot: an erogenous zone located in the anus near the prostate.

ATM: an abbreviation for All Time Favorite.

Attempts: trying to reach orgasm. For instance “She allowed multiple attempts” means she allows more than one orgasm per session if the client is able and interested.

Aural Sex: getting off on erotic sounds and words.

AWO: an abbreviation for anal without a condom. Heavily disapproved by most escorts, see also Safe Sex.

Bait & Switch: internet, newspaper, or phone advertisements, which may include photos, written or verbal descriptions, do not match the woman who shows up, or she has been grossly misrepresented.

Bareback (BB): slang for having sex without using a condom. Heavily disapproved by most escorts, see also Safe Sex.

Bareback Blowjob (BBBJ): slang for oral sex without using a condom. Mostly disapproved by escorts, see Safe Sex.

B2B: an abbreviation for body-to-body massage, an erotic massage when a masseuse slides with her body over the client using a massage oil.

BBW: big beautiful woman.

B&D: a term meaning bondage and discipline.

BDSM: a form of sex play or role-play which combines Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) and Sadomasochism (SM). A catch-all term for a broad array of sexual practices, especially involving restraint and inflicting pain. Mostly disapproved by escorts, or escorts choose for a form of soft active SM, when the escort lady is dominant and practices BDSM in a soft form (like spanking, using toys on a man).

BF (butt fucking): slang for anal intercourse.

BFP: a BDSM abbreviation for bound for pleasure.

Bi: an abbreviation for bisexual.

Bi-curious: a term for someone who is curious about or willing to experiment with bisexual activities.

Bird-Watching: a term for performing oral sex on a man, and then swallowing the semen. Heavily disapproved by escorts, see also Safe Sex.

Bisexual: an individual who is romantically or sexually attracted to people of both genders. Compare homosexual, someone who has sexual interest in the same sex, and heterosexual (or straight), someone with sexual interest in the opposite sex.

Blowjob (BJ): slang for performing oral sex on the genitals of a male. Same as fellatio.

BLS: balls licking and sucking.

Brazilian: a waxing where most or all the pubic hair is removed.

Brothel: a business establishment where sex workers offer sexual services for money.

Bukkake: we have the Japanese to thank for this term, which refers to several men masturbating and ejaculating on a single woman. The number of men can vary from a few to over a hundred, the object being to get as much ejaculate on the woman’s body as possible.

Call girl: a call girl or escort is a higher-class sex worker who is not visible to the general public. Nor does she usually belong to an institution like a brothel, although she may be employed by an escort agency. The client must make an appointment, usually by calling a telephone number — hence the term “call girl”. Call girls are generally the most attractive of the prostitutes (and the most expensive).

CBJ: an abbreviation for covered blowjob. Describes a blowjob while wearing a condom.

C&B Torture: a BDSM term — abbreviation for cock & ball torture.

CFS: Covered Full Service. Sex with condom.

CIM: an abbreviation for “cum in mouth”. Heavily disapproved by most escorts, see also Safe sex.

Civilian: a woman who makes herself available for sexual encounters without financial charges. May be less discreet than a sex worker and more interested in a relationship.

Clitoris (clit): the small, nerve-dense area of skin located between labia on the upper part of the vagina.

Cock ring: a device, often a leather strap, placed at the base of an erect penis in order to restrict blood flow and maintain an erection. A cock ring must be put on and removed when the penis is soft. First pull your scrotal skin and balls through the ring, then fold your flaccid penis down and pull the ring up over it.

COF: cum on face. Mostly disapproved by escorts.

Coitus: a sexual intercourse involving ejaculation from the penis.

Come (cum): slang for an orgasm, or to orgasm.

Completion: orgasm.

Condom (CD):

Condom is a thin piece of material, usually latex, that is worn over the penis during sexual activity in order to prevent pregnancy or protect from sexually transmitted diseases. There are two types of condoms: male condoms and female condoms. The male condom is a covering that is rolled over a male’s penis to prevent semen from entering the vagina or anus.

Condoms can be made out of latex, polyurethane, or lambskin. Lambskin condoms DO NOT prevent against STIs or HIV, however, they do protect against pregnancy. Condoms provide different levels of risk reduction for different STIs because infections are spread differently— some STIs are spread by contact with bodily fluids while others are spread by skin-to-skin contact.

When used correctly and consistently, condoms are extremely effective in preventing pregnancy. Numerous studies show that with perfect use, condoms are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy and STIs/HIV, and with typical use, they are 86% effective.


• Check the expiration date.

• Gently open the condom and slide it out of the pack. DO NOT USE YOUR TEETH. Be careful of jewelry and nails.

• When putting on the condom make sure it rolls down completely. If the condom is inside out, it will not roll down easily. If it is inside out, remove it and get a new one because there may be sperm from the pre-cum on the condom.

• Pinch the tip of the condom while you roll it down to the base of the penis.

• For extra lubrication, use a water-based lubricant like KY Jelly. Do not use an oil-based lube (like lotion or Vaseline) because it can cause the condom to break.

• After ejaculation (coming), withdraw the penis while holding the base of the condom before the penis becomes soft. Remove the condom and throw it in the trash.

The female condom is made of polyurethane and provides protection against pregnancy and STIs, including HIV. It consists of a tube-like sheath with one flexible polyurethane ring at each end. The female condom is coated with a silicone-based lubricant. The female and male condom should not be used together. Using both together can cause slippage or breakage


•Check the condom’s expiration date and open the package carefully.

•Squeeze the inner ring with your thumb and middle fingers.

•Insert the inner ring into the vagina. Use your index finger to push the condom into the vagina as far as possible.

•The outer ring should lie against the outer lips of the vagina. Make sure the condom is not twisted.

•Guide the penis inside the condom.

•To remove the condom, twist the outer ring and pull the condom out of the vagina. Throw the condom in the trash.

Consensual: an agreement made between parties for a certain activity. Usually pertaining to sex.

Contraception: the use of birth control methods to prevent pregnancy.

Contrectation: foreplay.

Couple: lovers who visit a sex worker together for a threesome or for one to watch the other enjoying him or herself.

Courtesan: a court sex worker i.e. used by royalty and dignitaries, a skilled and socially adept provider of sexual intimacy, erotic companionship, and sacred healing, particularly when highly compensated and respected, for example in a court or high society setting. A female prostitute, especially one whose clientele is men of high breeding and social status.

Cream pie: when a man ejaculates inside a woman’s vagina or anus without using a condom. This internal cumshot is usually followed by watching the semen drip out of her. Some people refer to only the oozing fluid as the cream pie. There is an entire genre of porn devoted to the practice of cream pies. Heavily disapproved by escorts, see Safe Sex.

Cross Dressing: the practice of dressing in clothes traditionally worn by the opposite gender.

Cum: slang for an orgasm or for semen.

Cumming: slang for achieving orgasm or ejaculating.

Cumshot: the act of ejaculation.

Cunnilingus: to stimulate the female genital area with the tongue.

Daisy chain: a sexual position involving multiple partners. One partner is pleasuring another, usually orally; the second is pleasing a third, and so on.

DATO: an abbreviation for Dining at the O; anilingus or oral stimulation of the anus.

DATY: an abbreviation for Dining at the Y; cunnilingus or oral stimulation of vagina or clitoris.

DDE: doesn’t do extras.

DDF: disease/drug free.

DDG: drop dead gorgeous.

Deep throat: fellatio in which the penis is inserted far into the mouth, entering the throat.

Deep tongue: a term for French kissing, or oral-vaginal sex where the tongue is inserted deep inside the vagina.

Dental dam:
Dental dam is a thin square or rectangular piece of latex used for oral sex on the vagina or anus. The dam is placed over the vagina (see left) or anus and acts as a barrier between one person’s body and the other person’s mouth. They come in various colors and flavors, such as Strawberry, Grape and Vanilla. Dams can help protect against infection and diseases, such as: Gonorrhea, Herpes, and HIV. They can be bought in some stores, or you can make your own using a condom or a latex glove. To make your own dental dam:
1. Carefully take a condom out of its package and unroll it.
2. Cut off the tip and base of the condom and cut down the length of the tube.
3. Unroll the condom into a rectangular sheet.
And that’s it! You now have a highly effective dental dam.
For the best results, use non-lubricated condoms that haven’t been treated with a spermicide (they tend to taste bad), and you might want to try out flavored, thin-latex condoms. These days, condoms come in a wide variety of flavors — so shop around and see which one taste best.

Deposit: a sex worker requires an upfront payment in advance of a session. Deposits are usually used by sex workers as a screening tool to hedge against no-shows.

DFK: Deep French Kiss i.e. open mouth kissing with tongues. See also LFK.

Diddle: female masturbation or touching the vagina.

Dildo: a sex toy, usually made of silicone, rubber or jelly, which is used to enhance sexual pleasure by insertion into the vagina or anus.

Dinner date: an encounter with an escort / call girl including a dining out in the restaurant.

Doggie style: a position for sexual intercourse when the woman kneels on her knees and the man entering from behind.

Don Juan: a type of lover who enjoys the victory in seduction more than the sensual pleasure

Double penetration (DP): when a woman is penetrated by two men simultaneously; one in the vagina and one in the anus.

Driver/Minder: a man (usually) who drives escorts to clients and waits outside while they do the business, using a mobile phone to touch base and ensure the sex worker is safe.

Duo date: an encounter with two escorts at the same time, having a sexual intercourse with two escorts.

DVDA: penetration of a woman simultaneously by four men; abbreviation for “double vagina, double anal”.

Eagle wings: the position where a woman’s legs are spread wide open during sex, especially when she received oral sex.

Eat out / eating pussy: slang for vaginal oral sex.

Ejaculation: the process during orgasm where semen is emitted forcefully through the penis.

English: spanking.

Erogenous Zone: any area of the body that when stimulated creates positive sexual sensations. Common erogenous zones include the genitals, breasts, nipples, and anus.

Erotic: a term meaning sexually stimulating or sexually arousing.

Erotic Dreams: dreams, which are sexual in nature — usually explicit sexual dreams.

Escort: a female or male who is hired as a “date”, as opposed to a sexual partner. Escort is usually paid by the hour, not by the act. Escorts are high quality sex workers compared to other categories of sex workers.

Escort Agency: an agency which hires out escorts for a fee providing safety and discretion to sex workers. The agency handles all calls, bookings and advertising and takes a percentage of the fee for each session.

Escort Etiquette: a line of polite and respectful behavior with an escort lady. See Behavior with an escort lady.

Escort service: escort services are provided by women (or men) for a variety of purposes, including dating, companionship, conversation, kissing, touching, massage, affection, someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, someone to be with, someone to help you feel more comfortable around women, someone to train you about how to be with women.

Exhibitionist: a person who gets sexual pleasure by displaying their body or performing sexual activity in front of others.

Face sitting: a slang term for the practice of a woman sitting on a man’s face so he can perform oral sex on her.

Facial (CIF): slang for ejaculating on someone’s face.

Fanta: — an act of “daydreaming” or “fantasizing” about a situation that does not currently exist.

Fantasy Enactment: providing the facilities to help the client live out their fantasy, which might be anything to popping balloons to crossing a high bridge over a ravine.

FBSM: full body sensual massage.

Felching: to ejaculate into an anus and then lick or suck the semen out. Heavily disapproved by escorts, see Safe Sex.

Fellatio: the act of kissing, licking, or sucking the male genitals with the lips and tongue.

Fetish: a strong sexual interest in or obsession over some object, body part, or activity. Examples include foot fetish and latex fetish. Also used broadly to describe any non-traditional sex, especially BDSM.

Fingering: to stimulate the vagina with the fingers.

Fisting: to place much of the hand, or the entire hand, in the vagina or anus.

Flaccid: a non-erect or “soft” penis.

Flang: the corona of the penis.

Fleshpot: red light district or area where prostitutes hang out.

Fly Jockey: a man who copulates through the fly of his pants without removing his trousers.

Foot job: rubbing feet on the penis, usually until ejaculation.

Foreplay: sexual activity as a prelude to intercourse, including kissing, genital fondling, and oral sex.

Frap: a slang term for the act of hitting a person in the face with one’s penis.

Free Willy Style: a slang term meaning to have sex without the use of a condom. Heavily disapproved by escorts, see Safe Sex.

French: oral sex.

French Kiss: slang for kissing with the tongue.

Froggy Style: sexual intercourse where the woman crouches above the man, and moves up and down.

Frottage: rubbing against someone else for sexual pleasure without engaging in penetration.

Frotteurism: a fetish that involves rubbing up against an unsuspecting or unwilling person. Consensual rubbing is usually called frottage.

FS: Full Service (complete sexual intercourse).

Fuck: slang for sexual intercourse. An old English abbreviation for “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge”.

Gang bang: when many men have sex with a single woman one after another or even at the same time.

Get Your Rocks Off: slang for orgasm.

GFE (Girlfriend Experience): a session with a prostitute where she treats her client as if she were his girlfriend. It means that an escort will have a warm personality, be generally affectionate and be willing to kiss the client. This contrasts with a PSE (Porn Star Experience) which implies an encounter that is more lascivious and adventurous than affectionate and will typically include activities common to pornography such as anal sex.

Gigolo: old fashioned term for man who sells sex to women.

Glory Hole: slang for a hole, usually in a wall, in which a man inserts his penis that is stimulated manually or orally by someone on the other side.

Golden shower: urinating on someone else.

Gonga: anus

Gonzo: adult videos which lack any plot or pretense and just show people having sex on camera.

Goose: slang for inserting a finger between the cheeks of the buttocks.

Greek / Greek Sex: slang for anal sex.

Grope: slang for manually stimulating someone’s genitals.

Group Sex: simultaneous and mutual sexual activity between three or more individuals.

GSM: G-spot massage.

G-Spot: synonym for the Grafenberg Spot, which is located in the upper wall of the vagina and is reported to be particularly pleasurable when stimulated.

G-String / G String: thong type underwear worn by women.

Gynaeolatry: the worship of women.

Gynemimism: the adoption of female characteristics by a male.

Gynophobia: a fear of women.

Half & Half: performing or receiving a blow job as well as an intercourse.

Hand job: manual stimulation of someone’s penis often resulting in his ejaculation; masturbating someone.

Hardcore: graphic sexual pictures, movies etc. which, by definition, show sexual penetration.

Hard-on: slang for an erection of the penis.

Hard Up: slang for someone who desires sex, but has not been able to achieve it.

Harness: a device that is worn around the waist, which attaches to or can be attached to a dildo. Harness compatible dildos are either flared at the base or connect to the harness with snaps.

Hedonist: a person who dedicates a significant amount of time to the pursuit of physical pleasure.

Hedonophobia: the fear of pleasure.

Hentai: Japanese adult erotic art or animation.

Heterosexual: a person who has sex with members of the opposite sex.

High-tech Vibrator: a vibrator that is capable of advanced movements. High-tech vibrators often have settings that include vibrate, surge, escalate, roller-coaster and pulse.

Hobbyist: euphemism for a man who frequently visits prostitutes.

Hung: slang term for a man with a large penis.

Hypersexual: having an extremely large sex drive.

Incall: the location of the encounter, when the session takes place at the call girl’s location (her apartment or hotel room). Opposite to outcall.

Ipsism: masturbation.

Irrumation: oral sex, specifically fellatio.

Italian: penis rubbing between butt cheeks.

Jack Off / Jacking Off: slang for masturbation, usually referring to a male.

Jelly: brightly colored and soft, squishy material used to make sex toys, specifically vibrators and dildos

Jigsaw: a sexual position where a man kneels down, and a woman kneels down on one leg, puts her other leg around the man’s thighs and sits on his penis.

Jill Off: slang for female masturbation.

Jism (or Jizz): semen.

John: slang for a man who engages in sexual activity with a prostitute.

Joy Jelly: refers to sexual lubrication.

Joy Juice: refers to the natural vaginal lubrication produced by a sexually aroused female.

Kinky: slang for sexual activity that is considered to be outside the norm.

Kneed / Kneading the Dough: slang for female masturbation.

Laid: refers to having had sexual intercourse.

Lap Dance: a form of adult entertainment where a woman dances provocatively in the “lap” of a man, often while wearing little or no clothing.

L/A/S: an abbreviation for Looks/Attitude/Service, a subjective ranking system. Each criteria separately ranked, from lowest (1) to highest (10). Examples: 2/9/8 = unattractive, but friendly and good sex. 10/5/4 = very beautiful, but a negative attitude, and mediocre sex.

LFK: an abbreviation for Light French Kissing, i.e. open mouth but without tongue.

Libido: sexual interest, horniness.

Lingam: an ancient Indian term for the penis or a representation of the penis; appears in the Kama Sutra and often used in reference to Tantric sex. Yoni is a term for vagin

Lubricant: Lubricants, or Lube, are products used during sex to make the act more pleasurable and comfortable. Lubes come in three basic types – water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based – all of which have different properties.

Water-based lubes are generally considered the most user-friendly and all-purpose of the three types. They don’t weaken latex, so they’re safe to use with condoms, dams, diaphragms, and other latex safer sex products. For most people, water-based lubes are non-irritating and easy to clean up.

A number of these lubes also contain glycerin however, which may cause yeast infections in some women. They can also dry out relatively quickly, but adding a little more lube, water, or saliva will get you sliding smoothly again.

Oil-based lubes like Vaseline or lotion are not recommended for safer sex because they break down latex. They can also leave a coating on the vagina or rectum that can lead to infections. Males masturbating alone, though, can use oil-based lubes as a way to avoid chafing or to simply try something new.

Silicone-based lubes are the newest on the market. Like water-based lubes, they’re safe to use with condoms and other latex products, but they last longer.

Silicone lubes can also be used in the water without being washed off. However, this means they’re harder to clean up after: you’ll have to use soap and water. If you’re using silicone lube with sex toys, you may want to use caution, since it can damage sex-toys made of silicone. Using a condom over the toy or choosing a water-based lube can help avoid mishaps.

Within these broader categories, you can find more specific kinds of lube, such as flavored lubes for oral sex. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to do a spot-test on your inner arm or thigh the day before you plan to use any new lube in order to make sure you don’t have an unwanted allergic reaction.

Overall, lubes are a great way to enhance pleasure during sex. There are hundreds of different varieties available, so with a little experimenting, just about everybody can find a lube that makes their sex life both more slippery and satisfying.

Madame: from the “Ma dame” (my lady), a respectful title for a woman of high social status who owns a brothel. Often one of the most powerful women, a madame frequently has her PhD and speaks multiple languages. She is neither pimp nor prostitute, but a classy and extremely wealthy combination of the two. Pimps and prostitutes work under her.

Matinee: refers to an afternoon session of sex.

Meatus: the opening at the penis tip which allows both semen and urine to pass.

Menage a trois: when three people have sex together at once, a threesome.

Metrosexual: an affluent and often handsome heterosexual man whose self value is derived from his lifestyle and appearance.

Mileage: a subjective term that describes value for money and/or how accommodating a sex worker is. Good mileage usually means she either charges less than average, provides better L/A/S than average, or both.

MILF: an abbreviation for Mother I’d Like to Fuck, a sexually attractive middle-aged woman.

Missionary position (Mish): the “traditional” sexual position in the West, where the woman lies on her back with her legs spread and the man mounts her with his arms supporting his weight.

MM: mutual masturbation, when two or more people stimulate each other’s or their own genitals simultaneously.

MMF, MFM, MFF: threesome designations. For instance MMF = male, male, female or MFF = male, female, female.

MSOG: an abbreviation for multiple shots on goal, i.e. she allows you to have more than 1 orgasm during the session.

Multiple Pops: when she allows you to have more than 1 orgasm during the session (e.g. more than one or multiple pops allowed).

Nooner: a sexual encounter during the lunchtime hour, see also quickie.

No-show: escort or client never shows up for an appointment, does not contact in advance to cancel or warn.

NQBC: non-quitter, but covered. CBJ to completion.

NQBS: non-quitter, but spitter. BBBJTC and spits your ejaculate. Heavily disapproved by most escorts, see Safe Sex.

NQNS: non-quitter, non-spitter. BBBJTC and swallows your ejaculate. Heavily disapproved by most escorts, see Safe Sex.

Omnisexual: one who is attracted to all sexes.

Oral sex: a sex act where the mouth of one person is placed on the genitals of another. See also fellatio (oral sex performed on a man) and cunnilingus (oral sex performed on a woman).

Orgasm (O): the pleasurable, climactic release of sexual tension. In a man, it is usually accompanied by ejaculation.

Orgy: a sexual encounter with three or more people. Group sex.

Outcall: the location of the encounter with an escort / call girl, when the session is at the place selected by the customer, his personal home, or hotel room.

OWO: slang for “Oral Without Condom”. Normally disapproved by escorts, see also Safe Sex.

Pearl Necklace: a man gives a woman a pearl necklace when he ejaculates on her chest, neck and shoulders as a result of him masturbating on her or thrusting between her breasts, also known as tit-fucking. Derived from the white drops of cum that are reminiscent of pearls. Normally disapproved by escorts.

Pegging: the act of penetrating a person’s anus with a strap-on dildo.

Petting: slang for foreplay, usually involving manual stimulation of the genitals.

PIV: penis in vagina.

Pleasure Pearls: another term for Ben-Wa Balls, or several other adult toys that consist of a string of beads or balls and are inserted into the vagina or anus.

Pooner: a hobbyist who is immersed in the hobby culture. e.g. He may be very involved with the review boards and/or private exchange of information on providers and the hobby.

Pornstar: a person who became famous performing sexual acts on camera.

P4P: pay for play.

Prince Albert: a piercing through the head of a penis, usually to increase sexual stimulation.

Princeton Rub: the rubbing of bodies together until orgasm, without any penetration.

PS: Private Show (Dance only).

PSE: an abbreviation for “Porn Star Experience”. See also GFE.

Quickie: sexual intercourse that is short in duration.

Qweef: this term was invented to describe a rush of air from the vagina that sounds similar to flatulence. In layman’s terms, a qweef is a “vagina fart.” This often happens after particularly enthusiastic sex when air is forced up into the vagina as the man thrusts inside.

Raw: sex without a condom; see bareback. Heavily disapproved by escorts, see also Safe Sex.

Red Light District (RLD): an area of a city or town where prostitution is available.

Reverse cowgirl: girl on top facing away.

Reverse massage: the client massages the provider.

Review: a critical evaluation of a provider. May include information on her looks, attitude and service.

Rimming, rim job (RJ): performing oral sex on the anus, especially licking the edge of the anus. Some escorts will allow you to do this to them, but far fewer will do it to you, see also Safe Sex.

RO: reverse oral indicates a provider is willing to allow a client to perform oral sex on her.

Role Play: to act out a fantasy or desire with a partner.

Rookie: slang for someone who is sexually inexperienced.

Russian: slang for thrusting the penis between a woman’s breasts, simulating intercourse.

Safe Sex:
Safe Sex means taking precautions to prevent any sexually transmitted infection (STI) spreading from one body to another.

Most STIs (HIV, gonorrhoea, hepatitis) are spread by bodily fluids (semen, blood, vaginal secretions) entering the blood stream of another person. They can enter via cuts and sores, or through the fragile membranes inside the vagina, urethra and anus.

Other STIs (e.g. Herpes, thrush, warts, chlamydia) are spread by actual physical contact of the infected area with the genitals or mouth.

Syphylis, crabs, and scabes can be caught from any skin contact. Sex toys which have been used by other people can spread infections. They need cleaning in bleach before being passed along.

Sex workers are professionals and make it their business to ensure they do not catch or pass on diseases. This includes all diseases – sexually transmitted infections, diseases of the skin, colds, coughs, flu and any other infection. That is why you should never visit a sex worker if you are at all ill. Arrive in clean clothes, having bathed and cleaned your teeth.

Sex workers insist on cleanliness. Some will require you to shower on arrival, and some will wash your body as part of an erotic service. However, they may also be discreetly searching for lice, scabs and crabs, and examining your genitals for spots and discharge, before engaging in any intimacy.

Clients and potential clients need to understand that this work provides the sex worker with a livelihood, and catching diseases and becoming ill will disrupt their income as well as their health.

It should be clear that you are far more likely to catch a sexually transmitted infection from someone you pick up in a bar or an amateur than from a professional. The reason for this is that professional sex workers are much more likely than other people to engage in safer sex.

How to stay safe:

– Use a condom for all oral, vaginal or anal sex. Cover any cuts elsewhere on the body if you are going to play with genitals, or rub, kiss or lick a partner.

– Use dental dam for protection during oral sex. It can be used as a barrier between mouth and vagina during cunnilingus and also between the mouth and the anus during anilingus. It prevents the transmission of virus-sized particles.

– Keep in mind that different diseases can be transmitted to both partners by oral sex. These include gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, genital warts, parasites, giardia and hepatitis.

– You don’t need to have sexual intercourse in order to enjoy sex. There are many other exciting things to do, such as playing erotic games, stroking and massage, masturbation and oral sex, watching each other and talking sexy. You may well come away feeling as if you have had a much more exciting time with a sex worker if you spend the time exploring some of these options.

– Sex workers have their own supplies of condoms. If you have problems using a condom, the Femidom is a female condom which forms a barrier inside the vagina. However, the Femidom does not protect the woman’s urethra or anus, and you need to be careful that semen does not run into these openings. Femidoms can also be used for anal sex (place it over the penis before penetration). Professional sex workers may refuse to use Femidoms.

– If you have a Herpes sore, do not make an appointment with a sex worker until you are sure it has gone. If a sore develops before an appointment, cancel it. Never allow a Herpes sore to come into contact with the skin of another person.

– If you have experienced unsafe sex with anyone, visit a Genito-urinary clinic for tests immediately. In fact, everyone who is sexually active should have regular check-ups as many infections have no obvious symptoms.

– If you have a discharge from the vagina or penis, spots, painful peeing or other symptoms, go to a clinic, refrain from sexual intercourse, and obey the instructions of the clinic.

– Never try to persuade a sex worker (or anyone for that matter) to have unsafe sex with you. This is insulting and dangerous.

– Each condom is to be used only once. If it falls off, use another. If the condom falls off or splits during intercourse, you need to use emergency techniques, ask your clinic for advice.

– The penis exudes pre-cum before ejaculation, so you need a condom on all the time penetration is taking place.

– Extra strong condoms are required for anal sex.
Remember that to stay safe means to stay healthy!

Sea-gulling: the act of masturbating and then shooting your load out onto the street, possibly on top of unknowing pedestrians. Best when done from high above.

SFH: sex for hire.

Shocker: a technique of manual stimulation where the pointer and middle finger are inserted into a woman’s vagina while the pinkie is inserted the anus.
Shrimp, shrimping: licking or sucking someone’s toes during sex.

Sixty-nine (69): slang for oral sex performed by two individuals on each other, simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus. Called “69” due to the shape of the two numerals, which suggests the sex act.

Slick leg: a slang term for a form of intercourse where the male does not penetrate his partner’s vagina/anus but instead places his penis between his partner’s thighs

Smurf: slapping someone in the face with your penis.

Snowball: after a man ejaculates in someone’s mouth, passing the semen back and forth between partners.

Snow blow: performing oral sex on a man with ice cubes in your mouth.

Softcore: sexual pictures, movies, etc. that do not show penetration and usually do not show an erect penis. Opposite of hardcore.

Spoon; spooning: a position for sexual intercourse — both partners lying on their side, with the man behind the woman.

Squirting: female ejaculation when the expulsion of noticeable amounts of clear fluid from a pussy takes place during the orgasm. Only 30% of women sometimes experience squirting, and only 50-60% of females have experienced it once or some times.

STD: sexually transmitted diseases, see also Safe Sex.

STI: sexually transmitted infection, see also Safe Sex.

What will happen if you catch an STD / STI?
So long as you are diagnosed quickly, some diseases can be cured. However, HIV is currently incurable and can lead to AIDS which can make you very sick and some people die. Chlamydia is often without symptoms so does not get treated. It can make a women infertile. Some forms of hepatitis can be fatal. Herpes is incurable and you will be infectious every time you have an outbreak. Many STIs are passed on to offspring. It is important to take this advice seriously without panicking and becoming too afraid to enjoy sex. Remember, you are safer with a professional sex worker than with a civilian because sex workers are always alert about their and your health.

Sugar Daddy: refers to a man who financially supports a younger person in return for sexual favors.

Sultry: hot with passion.

Supine Position: missionary position.

Swinger: one who is in a committed relationship but has sex with multiple partners with the partner’s knowledge.

Straight: slang for a heterosexual person.

Strap-on: a dildo that is worn around the waist, via a strap.

Stripper: someone who exposes their nude or semi-nude body for money in an erotic dancing act.

Striptease:striptease is the art of undressing in a provocative way to excite an audience. Most strippers do not touch the audience physically, but their presence radiates through eye contact, flirting, “come hither” gestures, perfume, glamour slowly working up to blatant displays of breasts, buttocks and genitalia.

Swallow: the act of swallowing semen after ejaculation resulting from oral sex. Heavily disapproved by escorts, see also Safe Sex.

Taboo: sexual practice considered contrary to common decency or “off limits” in a particular society.

Taint: slang for the area that lies between the anus and the scrotum or vagina.

Tantric sex: a Hindu philosophy combining spiritual and indulgent sexual practices.

Teabagging: when a man lowers his testicles down onto someone’s mouth. So-called because of the resemblance to lowering a teabag into water.

Tease: to arouse someone sexually without following through.

The Stranger: a slang term for sitting on your hand long enough that it goes numb, then masturbating with it pretending that it’s someone else’s hand.

Threesome: when three people have sex at once. Same as menage a trios.

Time Waster: someone who phones up a sex worker for a lark.

TLC: Tender Loving Care.

Transgender (TG): a blanket term for individuals who exhibit both male and female forms of gender expression.

TUHA: Tongue Up Her Ass.

TUMA: Tongue Up My Ass.

UNF: acronym for “Universal Noise for Fucking”, particularly heard during intercourse when the female moans but bites her lip to silence herself, heard as “uuuuhhhfff” or “ooooouuuhhhnnnnnfff”.

Vanilla Sex: slang for traditional or “ordinary” sex.

VFM: value for money.

Viagra (or Blue pill): a medication designed to improve erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow to the pelvic region.

Vibrator: a mechanical device designed to sexually stimulate the vulva, clitoris, and vagina.

Viripotent: sexually mature.

Voyeurism: getting sexual pleasure from watching someone else have sex. Opposite of exhibitionism.

Voluptuous: appealing strongly to the sexual senses.

Wank: to masturbate.

Water Sports: sex play which involves urine or enemas.

Wham-Bam: quick copulation with little or no foreplay.

Working Girl (WG): escort girl, call girl, sex worker, prostitute.

X-dresser: short for cross dresser.

X-factor: an individual’s sex appeal or general attractiveness.

X-rated: sexually explicit materials, usually referring to videos, DVD’s, books, pictures or movies.

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary (you could get different results).

Yoni: an ancient Indian term for the vagina or a representation of the vagina; appears in the Kama Sutra and often used in reference to Tantric sex. The term for penis is Lingam.