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Corona virus and prostitution


All of us were truly devastated by such a long and terrible lockdown. From 15 of March till 1 of July we were closed by the government due to the corona lockdown.

Our ladies had a very hard time, mentally and financially, because they barely got any support from the government.

Finally our virtual doors are opened again from 1 of July! We are more than happy to welcome all of our loyal clients back to us. Our ladies have truly missed you and are very excited to see you again.

From our part, we personally have met with all of our ladies before the opening. With each lady we had a personal conversation in order to see whether she has any covid-19 symptoms and whether she is ready and willing to work in these difficult times.

Most of our ladies didn't take any risks and just stayed separately from the crowds, following the lockdown rules. Of course, they follow all hygienic procedures as wearing the mask in a public transport, keeping the distance of 1,5 m in public places, not shaking hands. If they have any symptoms of corona, they have to call us and put themselves on inactive till they will feel better. We don't want to have any risks.

We ask the same to you. When making a reservation, please make sure that you:

  • don't have any symptoms of corona such as cough, fever, problems with breathing;
  • didn't have any contact with those who were infected with corona;
  • didn't go recently to a corona infected area.

If you replied positive to any of these, please make a reservation just after making sure that you are not infected with corona.

We send to you our healthy ladies, so please treat them nice and take precautions to be healthy too 🙂

We will be very pleased to hear from you, and our ladies cannot wait to see you!

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