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The 25 most popular sex fetishes


Everyone has an hidden fetish. A fetish can be an intense aphrodisiac. This allows us to enjoy our sex life in a complete way. Do you know what arouses you? We have 25 popular sex fetishes in a row for you!

1. Homeovestism

Do clothes turn you on? Does your heart beat faster when you see a nice pants or a beautiful t-shirt? Then it is possible that you have homevetism! Wearing normal clothes of your own gender can make you feel horny. Do you see a man in a suit with a boner? Then it is also possible that he has homeovetism! 

2. Tripsolagnia

Maybe your fetish is tripsolagnia. Or don’t you have problems while taking a shower? Tripsolagnia means that when you wash your hair with shampoo, this might arouse you highly. But let’s be honest, shampooing your hair is a special feeling. It is possible that you have the tripsolagnia fetish if you recognize this.

3. Retifism

The retifism fetish is a fetish which is present in many ways. Now you are probably wondering what this actually means. The fetish retifism is actually a shoe fetish. Do you become horny from a shoe with different colors, sizes or objects? Then it is possible that you have the retifism fetish.

4. Mechanophilia

The fetish mechanophilia is a fetish which you see often with men. This means that you get turned on from machines. You probably even want to have sex with it. Are you getting excited from cars, a motor or a truck? Then you are probably facing a mechanophilia fetish.

5. Microphilia

Have you ever heard about the microphilia fetish? This is absolutely great for small people. People with microphilia fetish are feeling small people a lot. This is an advantage for all the small people on the world.

6. Macrophilia

You might have guessed it already, but their is also a macrophilia fetish. This is a fetish for people who are tall. A new advantage for tall people who didn’t know about this. It can be possible that you are very tall or have a bigger size but, this doesn’t matter when there are people out there with macrophilia fetish.

7. Eproctophilia

The eproctophilia fetish is a very peculair one. This a fetish for farting. Some people are getting horny just thinking of farts. Let alone hearing or smelling one.

8. Hair fetish

You have probably heard about hair fetish or maybe you have this already. The hair fetish can make you horny by the hair colour of people. Also special hair styles or the way someone is playing with their hair can turn this people on.

9. Sadomasochism

You’ve probably already heard about the fetish sadomasochism. Another word for sadomasochism is SM. This is a combination of enjoying the infliction of pain or being the inflictor. This is a quite popular fetish! So there is no shame in this matter.

10. Leather fetish

The scent, texture and smooth look of leather objects can create mesmerizing turn on for some people. You can find leather objects in every sex shop. Did you know that there are even special clubs and events for people with leather fetish? Might be interesting to join if you’re into this fetish.

11. Lingerie fetish

The lingerie fetish is one which the most men has. Because of the sexy underwear, women are attracting a sort of sensuality. At this way women are getting more attractive for men or women.


The voyeurism fetish is a fetish which is rare. Watching other people having sex while being hidden or openly can be huge turn on for a lot  of people. Though a lot of us wouldn’t associate ourself with this fetish, it’s quite accessible for most. Some even enjoy being watched, a typical win-win situation.

13. Foot fetish

You probably already heard about the foot fetish. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You might have a workmate or cousin who hate feet, at the same time have friend who can’t get enough of them. This fetish has a wide variety of forms, where some get turned on by a naked foot, others like them in heels, panties of socks. To each his of her own.

14. Agalmatophilia

Agalmatophilia fetish, there is a big chance you’ve never hear of this one. Probably because of the stigma it carries. It’s a fetish for statues, amannequins or things of that nature. The desire for these inanimate objects can be just a fantasy and in rare cases the actual act of sex.

15. Alvinophilia

The alvinophilia fetish, better known as navel fetischism, is a fetish for belly buttons. You maybe have never heard about it, but it really exists. Though it’s not a fetish often spoken about, in 2012 it was the second most Googled fetish worldwide. Good luck, we’re guessing you might do a quick desk research.


The autassassiniophilia is a very special fetish. With this fetish people are really getting excited of the risk to be killed.

17. Dacryphilia

The dacryphilia also known as the dacrylagnia fetish is an extraordinary fetish. This is a fetish based on seeing someone cry or sobbing. The sadness in the other person creates certain tension that arouses people with dacryphilia.

18. Formicophilia

The formicophilia fetish is a special fetish. This fetish is based on insects. People with the formicophilia fetish have some extreme feelings for insects that bites.

19. Kleptolagnia

The kleptolagnia fetish is not a very known fetish. This fetish is very special and has to do with stealing. People with kleptolagnia feel excited to steal to a point it gets them horny.

20. Hematolagnia

The hematolagnia is sexual interest in seeing someone bleed. This doesn’t mean a fatal bleeding or anything close. Just the slight sight of a person bleeding from a mere papercut can instigate this feeling.

21. Plushophilia

This fetish plushophilia is a fetish based on stuffed animals. The plushophilia is a fetish where people makes some holes in the stuffed animals. People do this so  they can have sex with the stuffed animals.

22. Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism is a paraphilia. People (usually) with this fetish get a kick from exposing their genitals to unsuspecting bystanders or strangers. The shock and surprise from others create a sensation for exhibitionists.

23. Nasophilia

The nasophilia is a fetish for noses. The men or women feels attracted by the shape of your nose.

24. Oculolinctus

The oculolinctus fetish, also called ‘worming’ . This is a very intimate fetish that creates an aphodisiac from licking one’s eyeballs.

25. Dendrophilia

The dendrophilia fetish is a fetish where you feel attracted to nature. The men or women feels attracted by trees and might feel the urge to hug or actually fornicate with objects in nature.

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